Sunday is for musings

Interesting week. Calais is clear (France is still packed), Brexit is damned by law and there’s been a manic lead up to the Presidential Election in two days. A potential sex offender or the most impressively corrupt politician in recent Western history?

That’s what’s news on this side.

What else has happened this week?

South Korea fired at Chinese fishing vessels (in a hundred, or even fifty years times, people will look back on our conflict over fish and laugh hysterically.) This leads on to the protests in Morocco, lead by students, over the death of a fishmonger who was crushed inside a rubbish truck as he tried to recover his stolen fish (taken by the authorities.) Yes. That is an actual headline.

Saudi Arabia has denied even the small chance of women ever being allowed to drive in their country (how much money is exchanged between the House of Saud and the West, again? As I recall – a lot.)

Yemen, says the EU, is one step away from famine. In a week of immigration news and an ever growing hatred of refugees in the west, this does not bode well. These people will have to go somewhere.

The accords agreed on at the Paris Climate conference earlier in the year have become international law. International law? Like, for example, not killing civilians in war? Or torture? Or…? The list goes on.

The people of both South Korea and Ukraine have learned this week that their governments are actually full of corrupt and untouchable elites. Surprise, surprise. Roll up. Who’s next?

On a lighter note, however bleak the news might be this week, it will be nothing in comparison to next week if Trump wins the election.

And, to end, so that you can start your Sunday with a smile: a man in desperate need of a toilet found the oldest known evidence of an Australian aborigine settlement, 49,000 years old, and promptly took a piss on it.

That last part was conjecture, but you have to presume.

Thanks for reading my blog this week.


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