The Hairless Meanderings of Edward Lock (5)


“Did you get the broccoli?” Kit asks as I walk into the kitchen.

Oh. I forgot the broccoli.

“No…There was – there wasn’t any in the shop. I was going to check the next one along but it was closed, sign on the door…back in…” I sit down at the table and rest my head on my hands.

“Awesome,” she says without looking at me.


“One thing,” she says.

“It was shut!”

Silence in the kitchen.

“It smells good,” I say, attempting to appease her.

“Of course it smells good, I’m cooking.”

“Sorry, I’m just a bit tired,” I yawn.

“Then you should sleep, stop watching television and going for walks and just stay in bed. Close your eyes. Here,” she moves over and passes me a spoon with some of the Risotto heaped on top, “try it.”

“Invigorating,” I nod, licking my lips for effect.

She looks closely at me and returns to the hob, “You do look tired.”

“I’d feel better if I had finished –“ Don’t tell her about the coffee. I didn’t get broccoli. Just lie. Lie.  “- my breakfast.”

“It’s six. I made you lunch,” Kit says. “Not enough for you?”

“Yes, but breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When are Chris and Sally getting here?”

“I said half seven,” she says, returning to the food.

I nod to myself as much as her.

“Do you mind if I nap?” I ask.

“Do I mind if you nap? Of course I don’t mind if you nap. What a question. Go, silly,” she says without turning.

I get up to leave and think about kissing her but I just go upstairs. When I hit the bed, I sleep.


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