Democratic integrity: this isn’t about what side you’re on


Or so says Jill Stein and a group of academics that have, for the last week, been looking into voting irregularities in the swing states Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, (these were, amazingly, states that were “intended” for Clinton.)

In the another twist in the election tale Stein started a fundraiser to cover the costs of the recounts in these states. $1.6 million dollars at the time of writing this article.

There are a few things to talk about here. One, is the fact that a recount will cost that much money – sorry, what? If there’s a valid reason for someone to believe votes may be tampered with, why is this not at the top of the priorities list? Why do normal people have to take their pennies out and fund it?

These academics are the real shit, like actual VOTING PROFESSIONALS, people that study voting and what makes it work, and have done for their whole lives. If they say something might’ve been tampered with, why wouldn’t you go ahead and take a look? Who cares whether Michigan uses mainly paper ballots? If something looks suspicious when you look at the votes, investigate it. Fair democracy is what the entire nation is founded on. 

This drama is getting attacked in “lefty-butthurt” comments from Trump supporters, or the more vocal “alt-right” (which funnily enough, Trump came out and condemned recently) but this goes much further than picking sides. Democracy is essential, democracy is key. If there’s the threat of someone hacking election votes, investigation into the situation must take precedent above prejudices and whichever side you’re on.

If anything, thank god someone is taking a stand here. I don’t know if Stein thinks this will have an effect on the election result, or whether she wants Trump or Clinton to be president, but ultimately it doesn’t matter. I can just imagine Clinton sitting in her office, surrounded by her aides, (all recently unemployed) telling her to take this up, go outside and say, “Well, hang on, something’s not right here.” And yet, there’s not been a word from her. I don’t blame her. I can’t even imagine the backlash…


No, guys. Failing to investigate allegations of foreign hacking is a threat to our democracy. Satan himself could’ve come out and said, “GIMME ME SOME MONEY I THINK SOME RUSSIANS HACKED OUR VOTING SYSTEM,” and I’d still fork it out to him. Forget your opinions for a moment here. This is more important.

And, if you’re in the giving money to good causes kind of mood, send some the way of the protesters at Standing Rock. They’re getting treated horribly over there, and I feel like a disproportionate amount of media attention is either going to people standing extremely still, or having bags thrown at them. Now this with the recount, I have a fear they’ll be forgotten.

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