Stories in Short #7 (Daily Prompt: Chaotic)


Daily Prompt: CHAOTIC

The alarm doesn’t work, because the alarm is broken, it’s always been broken, every now and then someone will say, Isn’t the alarm broken? and we’ll all look at each other and say, yes, yes the alarm is broken, but never do anything about it, because you never expect the alarm to be needed, even though the house opposite burned down and I watched from the window as all the ladies things were thrown from the hole in the roof where black smoke was coming from, and also dresses and books and furniture, dodgy wiring said dad, but there’s no dodgy wiring in this house, so why is mum shouting oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, over and over again?

It does smell like smoke but even my dad next to me doesn’t look concerned and thinks maybe she has burned the toast but then he goes outside my room away from my book and starts shouting oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, too, and then I think, oh my god. Smoke smell and no burned toast and oh my gods, an oh my god, from even my dad, can only mean a bad thing. My sister comes down the stairs and comes into my room, and  looks at me with that puzzled look, because she can smell the smoke too. Then my dad is behind her. His face has changed colour.

He takes my hand and pulls me out my room, and I only have my book, and my pyjamas on, but it is cold outside so I wonder why he’s taking me outside, then I know, because at the bottom of the stairs, on the ground floor, there’s an orange glow, and heat, heat even from here, that makes me sweat in my pajamas, and for a second I am so glad I’m only in my pajamas because it’s so hot, then I realise this is a bad hot, and mum is screaming as we all rush out the door, and dad’s on the phone, and I think about all the things that are downstairs, like the washing machine and the sink, and the cat. Where’s the cat?

I look at my dad and ask, where’s the cat?

And he says, putting his hand over the phone, I’m sure the cat is fine, and I trust him, I trust him. I’m sure the cat is fine.

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