autumn: yellow flowers, green carlsberg


Alders are very suited to the site

they like the wet ground.


Rattling train song. Echoes of a

pneumatic drill, machine-gun fire.


Monetize the wild, the felled trees,

butterfly souls,

we are greedy,

we eat too much.


Lech, the ruins of a firework



A single peg on a scrubs arm,

white and fading.


Yellow flower, green Carlsberg.

Stack of logs, hogs hedging

their bets on a forest



Blue fosters, yellow leaves.

School ties hung from a tree.


We are all a dog with

a log too big too carry.


Identical carriages, COALASH,

scrawled graffiti, she stops,

slow rumble,



A bird emerges from the sun,

the flattened rushes.


Stank mulch, wet feet,

green, dead waters.

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