The Hairless Meanderings of Edward Lock (21)



“I told you to stay here,” Kit says when I come in the door.

“I wanted some air.”

“You look better,” but when I look in the mirror I know she is lying. She knows I know she’s lying. A lie shared is closer to the truth.


“Do you want to go to the party?”

No. “Yes,” I say. “Wednesday’s a weird day for a party.”

“It’s tradition, apparently.”

I laugh and like a warm bath it envelops her. She smiles. I say, “We going then?”

“I’m not even half ready. I just got home,” she says.

“You are beautiful. Let’s go,” I say. “Next to me you look like. Like.”


“I was going to say Swiss cheese.”

She laughs, “That’s fine. I’ll get my shoes.”

“Party shoes,” I say to her back on the stairs.

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