This was taken in a bar that turned out to be one of the more Bohemian nights we experienced whilst taking a short weekend break in Prague. The bar was huge and sprawling, with a large underground drinking space.

This was taken upstairs in a room with a piano in, which people took turns playing. This man spent the first hour or so listening to the music, then slumped in his chair.

I loved the composition and the large shadow from the left of the photograph (which quite honestly, I have no idea where it came from. Maybe my hand? Someone’s hand? No idea. I was pretty gone by the point this picture was taken.)

I loved this bar. There was a great atmosphere. The piano players were really good too, although that might have been the drugs and drink warping my mind.

In the end we were asked (subtly) to leave by the only other British person in the bar, a Scottish man called Kevin. Maybe he thought we were intruding on his little slice of Prague.

Outside the air was very cold, but the warmth of the bar and the sound of the piano stayed in my mind all the way back to the hotel.

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