16 thoughts on “Immortalised, Vietnam 2016

  1. Vietnam service left many broken souls, with PTSD, addictions and alcoholism, and other disabling injuries. There but for the grace of God, this coming from a Buddhist once married to such a broken soul. My thoughts of your photo: at least he is in a warm climate. Namasté.🌞

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    • We visited the War Remnants museum in Saigon and saw examples of how the war affected civilians. Agent Orange being only one head of the many headed-beast that was U.S presence in Vietnam. Thanks for the comment, Sonn.

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    • Graham Greene has a great quote on the matter, from “The Quiet American”, “What does ‘go’ mean? If I believed in your God and another life, I’d bet my future harp against your golden crown that in five hundred years there may be no New York or London, but they’ll be growing paddy in these fields, they’ll be carrying their produce to market on long poles, wearing their pointed hats. The small boys will be sitting on the buffaloes.”

      The quote has always stuck with me, powerful because it reminds us of the inevitability of time, how it continues to pass on and on. Vietnam is not stagnant, but there are some things that will always be what they are.

      Thanks for your comment, hope you get to visit again soon, Vietnam, for all I’ve just said, is a rapidly developing country. Saigon, I imagine, is nothing like it was in 2009.

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  2. I wonder if we ever pass people who read our blogs in the street. Maybe, I would recognize them from their gravatar picture…maybe I wouldn’t. Maybe, I’ve stood behind them in line for Tim Hortons….

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