Feature Sunday #2

resarf~ bus station poem ( a real-life scribble ) … at bay twenty’s human zoo patience – stations queues for queues old folk natter that & this odd folk they write shit like this un…

Source: bus station poem

This week I’ve chosen to feature another poet, one I discovered just this week. One poem stuck out to me more than the others because I’ve got a fascination with “found” poetry, or rather, poetry based on real-life events that appear to be written in real-time. These kind of poems strike me as sort of “aural” experiments, and this writer has a strong sense of rhythm that brings these moments alive.

The poem I’ve chosen to look at is called, simply, “bus station poem, a real life scribble.” A poem by resarfpoetry.

You can read the full poem here.

Or if you want to read any others, you can check out the rest of the blog.

at bay twenty's

human zoo

patience - stations

queues for queues

Instantly you can hear the rhythm and it sounds spontaneous, arriving suddenly, right in front of your eyes and ears. The direct and biting tone already sets this apart from a lot of the poetry I see on this site. This is a unique voice with a unique vision. No flowers in meadows, tears in eyes or heartbreak here. Succinct language rounds off a stanza full of syllabic rhyme. Patience – stations. Read it out loud. Sounds lush. Already the poet has created an image I can see so clearly.

The poem leads from thought to thought, presenting us with a meta observation of the writer themselves. Gotta love a bit of meta.

But what I like most about this poem, and why it warrants no further critique, or rather, why I think offering it anymore critique would be a disservice, is because it’s not full of bullshit. It’s words, that sound nice, about a moment that was worth considering, for whatever reason. It’s short. Succinct. Funny. Brutal. Sad.

( hurry driver )

( help us home )

Resarf’s blog is full of other good stuff, so you should check it out. There’s regular updates and each poem is different from the others. Go on.

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