This week has been both disgustingly shocking and happily reassuring.

The media consistently spins out everything that goes wrong in Trump’s White House into a full-blown scandal. We’re going to have to put up with this for four years. This is what’s called “desensitization.” When will the media realise that this has been Trump’s grand plan all along? That rather than the blathering idiot he appears, he’s actually a calculated megalomaniac?   Taxpayer’s money is funding his lifestyle. You’ve been shafted, America.

Enough about that.

A Russian company 3D printed an entire house. It’s 400 square foot and took less than 24 hours to – what do you call something that has been 3D printed? Assembled? Formed? Magicked? All of these things are true, and mind-boggling. Even more fantastic is the fact it only cost 10,000 dollars.  The ramifications of the globalisation of this technology make me happy inside, and terrified. More houses means more humans, more humans means…well, we’ll get to that.

This week the price of lab-grown meat fell drastically. I still don’t know if it tastes any good. There are obviously moral and ethical questions to be asked, like, what will happen to all the cows when we don’t want to eat them or suck their pus out of their boobies? These are a meat-eaters questions. For those who’ve already realigned their stomachs to eat just plants and nuts and fruit and stuff, the price of lab-grown meat can only be a good thing. Much like solar replacing fossil fuel, and electric cars replacing Diesel and Petrol, lab-grown meat will eventually replace real life cow-ass because instead of growing a field of corn, building a large barn and hiring some “Illegals” to tend to the bloated cows, your whole burger can be assembled by a Dutchman in a nice clean coat.

These are the sorts of steps mankind has to take to save our planet. We’re spiraling rapidly towards another mass extinction event not seen for millennia. What about the bees? Why doesn’t anyone think of the bees? Forget the bees! Think of the whales. For millions of years deep-sea life has been relatively untouched by the dirty hands of humankind, but with the plastic revolution our oceans have become clogged with our leftovers. Huge rubbish islands block out the sun, turtles try to eat plastic bags, and whales and dolphins become tangled in trawling nets.

Has no-one realised the planet would be much better off without us? That maybe it us that should be going extinct? Like a virus we encompass the planet, killing everything. I feel sorry for any potential life out there in our happy Trappist planet-pals. Part of me hopes that if there is intelligent life, they’re armed to the teeth.

Short one this week. I’m planning my life away.

(I got a new job.)




10 thoughts on “ON MEAT AND HOUSES

  1. Yesterday evening I blogged about how, after living 30-odd years feeling meh about death, I finally felt like I have a reason to live for the first time once I started writing full time. Tonight, after reading your blog, I changed my mind back. You’re absolutely right – if any specie deserves to be extinct, it’s the homo sapien. While mankind works itself towards the end of the world, however, I’m feeling much happier for once about living in a country some-20 years behind first world nations. At least by the time beef produced by the Dutchman-in-the-lab-coat arrives in Bangladesh, I’ll no longer have teeth to chew it with.

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    • Well I’m both happy and sorry that I changed your mind back – you’ve inspired me to write a new post about all the fantastic things about life, so as not to appear too grim all the time. Congratulations on being able to write full-time, it’s a dream of mine!

      And with the way things are developing, I wouldn’t be so sure not having the teeth to chew it. It’s places like Bangladesh that these sorts of technologies (the houses too) are so important!

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      • Please, I plan to give up my teeth when the time comes with only the usual amount of struggle. I’m traditional that way. Also, Bangladesh is doing very well in agro so I am pretty sure synthetic meat will be laughed out of these parts for a few decades in the least.


    • I’m doing some writing and editing for loveholidays.com, full time Nine Til Five living. Much better than serving people pizza, haha! And you’re completely right, of course. I’ll just have to see how broody I get with age 😉

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  2. Towards the end you started to sound like a big bad villain who wants to destroy humanity because we’re ruining the planet. But, like, in a good way. I really liked the imagery you used about a virus encompassing the planet. It was cool. Good article! I hadn’t heard about the 3D Russian house printing thing. Consider me informed! I’ll have to look it up and learn more about it because it sounds great.

    Congratulations on the new job. Hope it’s a good one and that you enjoy it, buddy.

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    • Thanks very much, busy birthday weekend for my friends and just started today, apologies for the delayed reply. Going to try and get a new post up tomorrow!

      And sometimes I feel this way…I’m trying to take the voice and turn it into a book, but this new job of mine is going to take up a lot of my time…including commuting to and from said workplace.

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