About A Seal and Matches



Current affairs, thoughts and fiction.

“You look ridiculous if you dance
You look ridiculous if you don’t dance
So you might as well

Gertrude Stein

I love writing because it means I can feel productive even if I don’t put any trousers on.

22-year old writer from England. I’ve written a book and haven’t read it for six months. We’re so lucky to be alive in these exciting times. I wrote a novella once that made someone cry. I don’t like to dance. Here we are, at the fall of Athens, the destruction of Rome, the era of Trump. Push on through, don’t give up hope, and whilst you’re at it, you can distract yourself with my writing. Watch out. Some of it is quite grim. I don’t know why.

Some of my popular posts are:

Stories In Short

The Trump Effect

Who Killed Mrs Crew – Part One

For the man wearing a denim hat

All images on my blog are MINE. They are copyright free and edited stock photos or images I’ve drawn, painted, traced, or chewed up and spat out. Sometimes I take pictures, too.

I go about and tell people what I think about what they’ve written. If you have anything you want me to read over, let me know.

Twitter: @sealmatches

41 thoughts on “About A Seal and Matches

    • Hiya! Elston-Hurdle is a great name. I looked up the etymology of Alston a while back, and it’s of Anglo Saxon history (so very English!) They presume that the name came from “All-Stone”, or the name given to a town’s stonemason, or stone-crafter. I’d bet Elston has something to do with that too.

      Thanks for commenting, I’ll drop by again 🙂

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  1. I studied Philosophy in university, and didn’t know what to do with it after either, so I jumped on a plane, flew halfway across the world and opened a bar in China. 4 years later, I decided to give writing a go. Thanks for liking my post on Up<Side<Down. (:
    I'm enjoying meandering through your posts.

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  2. Hi Harry, Just wanted to say thanks for the follow and for introducing me to your intelligently written blog. Nice mix of comment and fiction and a distinctive visual style too – great all round. All the best

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  3. Hello, greetings from Texas. Thank you for the like! I do consider myself an aspiring poet, a novice in the art. And so it’s particularly pleasant to begin with the support of fellow writers such as yourself! I truly want to thank you for it! Best wishes and I wish you extraordinary inspiration in your writing!

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  4. If I eat your eyes, will I gain the way you see the world? Maybe then I’ll steal your brain to write down all the things I see.
    I love the way you sew words. I’ma tad jealous. Also thanks for reading a scrap of my blog (Hannarchy.com). It’s not much, but it’s mine and I love it.

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    • Wow, thanks very much for the lovely comment. I’ll be back to your blog, don’t you worry. Your post was incredibly honest, something I need to work on myself. Hopefully we can inspire each other, 🙂


  5. Thanks for dropping by on my blog. I’m fairly new to it all. I love having the time to be creative. At the moment I am trying to work out how to share some of my art and blog about it but haven’t come up with the answer yet. Some of what you are doing will help me I think. I also enjoy writing, dancing and writing poetry.

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