Bustling Bui Vien, Vietnam 2016

Bui Vien is the central street in the backpacker district of Ho Chi Minh. At night, the street heaves with the coming and going of motorcycle and taxi traffic, which have to literally push through the body of people that line the pavement and road. There are small, re-purposed shops that sell tourists and locals…

Open air, Vietnam 2016

Hundreds of families live on building sites in Ho Chi Minh. Vast amounts of money are pouring into the famous city of Saigon, from Taiwan, China and Singapore. This money manifests itself in the form of new skyscrapers and residential buildings to cater for theĀ emerging middle-class in Vietnam.

Budapest, hazy details 2017

There’s something in the hazy details of the buildings in Budapest that made me think I was walking into a film-set. Nothing looked quite real. Mostly because I’d never seen such consistently beautiful architecture, street after street.

Budapest: a surreal city

Forgive the blue skies for giving you the impression that it was a warm day whilst I took pictures of Matthias Church in the Buda Castle district, because during my entire stay in Budapest the weather hung around the -1 or -2 mark in the evenings, with barmy highs of 4 degrees during the day.…

Window to their world, Vietnam 2016

This was probably my favourite photograph of the whole trip. I wish WordPress allowed larger pictures (although I totally understand why it does not) because the detail in this picture is great. There is something very unfamiliar about this picture and it reminds me just how different Vietnam was.


I’m going to Budapest for a week, expect photography and some ramblings I get down in between shivering from cold and being dead drunk. If you leave any comments or feedback I’ll be sure to get back to you when I get back to jolly old England. That’s a lot of backs. Thanks! (There’s plenty…

Cat on a pub stool, London 2017

What’s better than a cat on a pub stool in moody black and white? Taken in a pub I’d walked past hundreds of times. Finally went in. There was a cat, and later someone started playing the piano. Sold cheap beer for somewhere so central.