The Trump Effect

Earlier in the year I had a spasm of affection for Bernie Sanders. I almost called random Americans in the U.S to tell them how great he was. There was a story circulating that a fourteen year old boy was calling a hundred people a day. Phone banking. Harnessing of a generation of young people, those who were internet savvy with a distaste (even hatred) of the mainstream media. I almost did it. I had the app open. Then I realised I’d been goofed. It was the Trump Effect.

I tried to get loved up with Jeremy Corbyn in the same way. Corbyn felt a little less Trumpy. I couldn’t.

Bernie Sanders was a fire-y senator from a little state called Vermont, which I had barely heard of prior to the election. He spoke with conviction and honesty. In juxtaposition to Hillary Clinton, he seemed like a real guy, the best guy. Then the machine whirred and money spewed out of an oil-rig on the other side of the world and Hillary cruised (albeit limping) to victory.

I should have phoned Jerry in New Jersey and told him that Bernie Sanders was the hero we all deserved.

I don’t mean to sound bitter.

In fact, I’m not bitter at all. Clinton vs. Trump is a fiasco, and hilarious. The election and its shenanigans have been just enough escapism for me to forget, briefly, about the post-Brexit shit-throwing contest. That’s what it’s all about, right? FBI investigations, a giant wall, pneumonia, the touching of fanny’s. Barrel of laughs. Ha. Ha. I mean, it’s only the President of the United States we’re worried about here.

Hillary Clinton’s voice literally changes when she’s lying. Her face changes. Half of what Donald Trump says is nonsense, and half is generous. Watching from across the Atlantic I can’t help but wonder who the hell is voting for these people. There are plenty of Facebook videos with interviews of slack-jawed young men cooing MAGA, MAGA and a scientifically formulated selection of young, multi-ethnic Hillary enthusiasts – but do I even trust these? Unless it’s a man covered in paint in the back of a van, isn’t everything you see on Facebook basically a massive fucking lie?

I don’t know where to look. I don’t know who to listen to. In a week and a bit someone, somewhere, is going to have to pick between Clinton and Trump. As in, make a choice between the two. Do you fancy having your right molar removed, or your fourth toe? Shall we crash your car and then punch you in the face, or punch you in the face and then crash your car? I know I should hate Clinton, there is something so slimy about her. So shady, behind closed doors, sitting on a private wealth I can barely comprehend. I almost cheer on Trump for his brashness. I get the impression he’s actually quite shit at ‘business’ and the lies don’t stop there. “No,” he says, after the crowd hears him talk his sexy locker room talk. “I never said that.” It’s genius. He’s cracked it. Instead of pretending not to lie whilst lying, he has just gone ahead and lied. Straight to the point. In front of millions. It’s so ridiculous it’s beautiful.

Oh, what have you done…

Clinton will have people on the streets giving out money to poor people and illegal immigrants and Trump will have some large men on motorcycles harassing people outside the polling booths. Sanders would have had pre-teens handing out leaflets, they know what’s best. Bless ‘em. Cruz’s flyers would have fluttered down from the heavens. All in all, a pretty poor performance.

Trump and Bernie Sanders have something in common. I call it the Trump Effect, because Sanders lost. They have proved that in the day and age of the internet, where lies and truths are so easily mixed, and masses of people are swayed by dancing dogs and exaggerated headlines (no, I’m not sure the black rhino is actually extinct), it does not matter whether you have a lot of money, or some fantastical socialist ideals, it seems like almost anyone could be president.

Could be you.

Somehow, Trump has garnered an online following in the hundreds of thousands, and I’m not sure if it’s a joke anymore, or whether they think it’s a joke – or maybe the whole thing is so meta and postmodern that the joke was never a joke in the first place, but only masqueraded as one, so as to appear light-hearted, whilst a generation of young men (predominantly) were slyly converted into worshipping a near-racist and near-sexist (does anyone know what these words mean anymore?) demigod and Pepe the frog.

If you were to look purely from the perspective of the internet, it looks like no one is voting for Hillary at all.

Oh boy. I’m excited.

I want them both to win.

50% to 50%.

Then I want them to bareknuckle fight to the death.

52 thoughts on “The Trump Effect

  1. This is detailed and thoughtful. And slyly funny. I’ve shared many of the same thoughts and metal/emotional struggles about the current (and greatest) U.S. farce. The imploded circus. Only, it’s not a two-candidate choice. It’s really not simply Clinton vs. Trump. You, like many, have forgotten Dr. Jill Stein and the Green Party. The real choice is… don’t like either face of the bigwig establishment party…? Then vote for Stein/Baraka. Or vote for one of the candidates from the other six or so U.S. political parties. The voters here are mostly lazy and distracted; they always fall victim to the same con. I call it the Team Sports Effect or the Boxing Match Effect. Too many people here and elsewhere think of everything as a competition between to teams. I like to blame American professional football. But really, it’s all competitive sports bleeding/oozing into the rest of life. Politics and sport should not be the same thing.

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    • This election has done wonders, as well. It’s opened the eyes of a young generation who have realised they have the potential to create real change. The Sanders story was incredible, and although he has somewhat dropped out of the limelight, people will look back on it come the time of the next election and understand it’s significance.

      Young people, who have access to the internet, a database of all the lies and truths ever told, and are savvy enough to make use of it, to be educated by it, and therefore make informed decisions.

      There’s hope yet.

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  2. I really liked this piece. It perfectly sums it up, especially where I am at personally. The election is one week from today and I still don’t know what to do. She’s shady, he feels dangerous. Is the whole world laughing at us? I always vote to honor those who fought so hard for my privilege to do so, but I’ve never been so anxious about an election ever. A cruel joke if there ever was one…

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    • I think it’s best to just hope that it’ll all be okay. I know it sounds naive, but whatever the outcome, it’s not people like Trump and his followers, or Clinton and her supposedly corrupt money, that will win.We live on the brink of so much potential information dissemination. We must harbour our ability to communicate globally and educate people, whoever they are, wherever they are from.

      I get the feeling this election might be the last of its kind, before the younger generations are so clued in (with the ability to check whatever anyone is saying against a huge database of information) and hopefully allow them to make informed and proper decisions.

      Lets hope.

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      • Agreed. At some point, something has got to give. The American people have been run roughshod over by the political elite for the last 20 years (in this current extreme way). We are all sick of it, hence the support for Trump and Sanders–“the outsiders”. There’s a reason why the establishment doesn’t like Trump and don’t want him in there. He is going to topple over the apple cart. There’s a reason Bernie rallies had 50,000+ people attending. We are getting squeezed too hard and now the fight is on. It will be interesting to see what happens and the ensuing aftermath. One thing is for sure. On Nov. 9th, half of this country is going to be upset, regardless of who wins. Keeping the faith that everyone keeps their composure and sanity prevails!

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  3. I know you aren’t here but when the election results come in you will see that Clinton has the overwhelming support of racial minorities in the US. Your opinion of her is your own but she is popular with people who aren’t white.

    Part of the problem with the Democratic primary and General Election coverage both domestically and internationally has been the lack of coverage of Clinton’s broad base of support.

    You have a white media who only talks to other whites over here. They largely ignore the fact that non-white Americans have elected the last two presidents, will elect Clinton and will change the face of American politics in the future.

    So no it’s not these aren’t focus grouped pictures, but the picture of the political future of the US.

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    • Very interesting, and you are correct, of course. The minority vote will decide the outcome and has already decided the outcome. Some further investigation into the support Clinton receives from racial minorities would be probably quite fascinating.


  4. I really liked your take on the matter even though I’m a Clinton supporter, but honestly it’s a hard choice between the devil and the deep blue sea. Which of them is the lesser of the two evils? Clinton has a weak point- her emails, Trump has a weak link- his character, but you see, just like someone mentioned, there are other parties in the game but these are hardly given audience in the media. The media has successfully made the world believe the race is between these two but the ballot paper indicates otherwise. That’s usually the trend and so it was in U.K. when we thought the battle for PM was between Cameron and Miliband, we were shocked to see LibDem nip it from Labour hence the Coalition Govt. In 6 days time we will know how this intriguing soap opera will unfold and I can’t wait because I’m a tad fed up with these hyper-bloated shenanigans about emails and Mexican boarders.😊

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  5. You are well spoken, but I am shocked time and again that people consider Hilary’s shortcomings on the same level of wrongdoing as Trump’s vicious crimes–rape, pedophilia, cheating so many of his workers because he can get away with it and because they can’t afford lawyers to defend themselves against his team of bullying lawyers. He is all lies, lies, lies, and not just about email. And no one even blinked when George Bush deleted 22 million emails, and Colin Powell and Condoleza Rice used private servers and people were killed on their watch, and it was no big deal.

    It astounds me that anyone can put a four time bankrupted tax evading racist misogynistic narcissistic sociopath with no self-control and no experience in politics in charge of the nuclear codes, when there is an experienced hard-working intelligent person who is undoubtedly qualified for the position. Trump should be in jail right now and has 75 lawsuits pending, and the week after the election is going to trial for rape.

    I marched for and donated to Bernie Sander’s campaign. Do I like Hilary? Not really, and that’s probably due to a consistent smear campaign again her for the last thirty years. But between Trump and Hilary, there is no contest. Whatever else you can say about her, Hilary would conduct business in a dignified and presidential manner and might even move us forward as a nation. Trump is a childish pouting idiot prone to temper tantrums and completely ignorant of the world and the way our government is run, and he hasn’t the attention span to bother educating himself. He didn’t even know what the GI bill or the Marshall Plan was. Ask him a serious question and he will find a way to change the subject, usually by telling more lies about Clinton. Given the chance he will ruin this country and probably the world. How anyone can even consider voting for him is beyond comprehension.

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    • Everything you say is true. I think what is most scary is that Trumps crimes are apparent, and we can find out whether or not they are committed. Hillary could have permitted terrible, terrible things to have as Secretary of State, and may do so more as President. The only thing is, we will never know. She has a network of corporate and governmental elites around her that will protect her interests and keep them far out of the reach of the public.

      Both candidates are terrible. I don’t want Trump to be president, and in a lot of ways I’d prefer Hillary. But to preventany candidates like this EVER having a chance again I think I would vote Trump. Just as a huge “fuck you” to the established political world. Maybe it would teach them a lesson to front some more suitable candidates…


      • I’m afraid I would have to disagree with you. For thirty years they have been trying to find a way to smear Clinton, and all they can come up with is that she used a private email server. Voting for Trump might be your way of thumbing your nose at the establishment, but it would be cutting off your nose to spite your face. If he is elected there will no longer be an establishment to fix.

        I was in Scotland last week, and it was clear that your media is not getting the full story, the depths that he is dragging our country into. Trump appeals to the lowest, most selfish instincts. He is normalizing hatred and inciting violence. Did you papers report that a black church in Mississippi was torched, and Trump’s name was spray-painted all over the charred walls? That is not what we need in this country or in this world. No matter what Hillary has done–and I do believe it would have been discovered it it had been more than these piddly little email offenses which is all the dirt they can dig up on her–she will lead with dignity and try to mend fences with our global neighbors. The people who are too angry and eager to tell the world to fuck off do not get that the momentary satisfaction for doing so will have dire and long-reaching consequences. The ones who are angry enough at the system are going to be the first he chews up and spits out because they are little nobodies to him. Once he gets what he wants from anyone–as is always the case–he doesn’t give a damn what happens to them. He is in this for only one ugly reason, and that is Trump. It would be letting the evil genie out of the bottle, with no take-backs. Instead of telling the establishment to fuck off, find a constructive way to make it better. The first step is to actively work against putting an ignorant sociopath in one of the most powerful offices in the world.

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    • I also have the added benefit of not being American. I cannot appreciate fully the potential havoc here.

      I would not want to wish a Trump presidency on anyone.

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  6. Hi, great blog, and I don’t get into political arguments. I’ve been an American Citizen for around 12 years. Moved here from England in 1995 with my family. We’re all citizens now! I find this the most embarrassing election and cringe to think that we can even consider voting for this neanderthal. He is unqualified and dangerous. He WILL ruin this country I now call home. We all know Hilary’s faults, but she can run the country!

    I find it so odd that no one I know actually admits they’re going to vote for Trump, which makes me admit that even Trump supporters are too embarrassed and ashamed to admit they’re voting for him. It makes me think of the Brexit Vote. Thousands of people voted, didn’t know why they voted the way they did, and then woke up the next morning and regretted it. I hope the USA isn’t in the same voting pattern right now.

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    • Those silent voters are the worrying factor of all elections. Your comments about the Brexit voters are spot on! They were a silent majority that were too afraid to say which way they were voting. This shows systemic unawareness of what they were voting for. If you cannot be proud of it, or properly justify it to someone else, then I’m not sure it’s something you should be voting for.

      Good luck in this election! I hope it works out okay for you over there. Hillary is the way forwards. Electing Trump would be the most painful embarrassment of modern politics.

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  7. Hopefully after the American election day, there can be a Trump Disinfect . The Mass Media and the American political system can be cleaned of this growing stain. I fear the process will need harsh cleansers and will require intense scrubbing . Mr. Clean, Mr. Clean,………

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  8. A brilliant articulation of a myriad of horrifying thoughts on this election…that are unfortunately fast evolving from satire, memes and just thoughts, to a looming reality.
    Let’s hope for the best🙏

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  9. Harry: Thanks for, liking, my An Exhibition of Fall Color, on Elm Drive Images. I hope you got to see it? Somerthing wenr wrong with my Nook HD and I had to delete the post and then reload. Anyway, it’s out there now. I’ll be watching your blog.

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  10. I’m not surprised by Tango winning but I’m keen to see what is going to unfold. I don’t know what to believe in the world of politics anymore. We think we are on top of the game and the rug underneath us gets pulled.

    I’m confused af right now. But loved the post!

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  11. In a nutshell as I see it ( a liberal, naturalist that I am, although I loathe all politics) , people lump Hillary with Bill. Now, o matter how good the economy while he was President, he got a blow job from that attention grabbing, doey eyed intern while sitting in the Oval Office (or thereabouts) When he “lied” about it and said he didn’t do it, it became a mass investigation to prove that he did, complete with Scarlet Letter briefs and tees for him, trying to moeach him. Now, when The Donald (whon I have never had any respect for as a decent man) lies right out, people think it’s genius. There is the problem. Hypocrisy and double standards. The true dividing line between Democrats and Conservatives from where I sit. As a non Conservative I do not speak in absolutes but rather from my little space on my little working class, bought and paid for stool (hand painted by me of course) from my quiet do as you are told station in life. The trade off is too high a price for me.

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  12. Well, we have a new President-to-be. I don’t know what to expect now that he’s starting to fill the positions with those who’ll have his ear all the time. Like they use to say back in the old days, we’ll need to keep our eyes on the skyline, our noses in the wind, and always have our horses saddled. (it went something like that.). Stay alert may be the phrase of each day.

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    • Yes, you’re right. This comes from the anonymity of it all, I suppose. You can say and do whatever you want, these people will never find you, or see you, or know who you really are. The internet is a glorious place, but there is always a high risk of it eventually completely degrading mankind into a sort of squabbling chicken pen, where everyone is trying to be the best chicken, even if it means pecking out the other chicken’s eyes.

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  13. My country (the U.S.) Oops, I almost typed in USSR (no kidding) is in sad shape. However, so is the a lot of the rest of the world. I try to stay positive. All of us sane people (and there may not be too many of us) need to unite. Maybe we can even come up with a name for ourselves – the Sanity Party, the Commonsense Party – who knows. There are knuckleheads on all sides of the issues. I listen to all viewpoints and then make up my mind what to believe. Someone asked me recently whether I was conservative or liberal. Without having to go into a long explanation with someone I didn’t know, I said “I don’t label myself.” The answer satisfied him and we had an intelligent conversation after that. So Harry, what is your take on Trump now. Three months after your original post? My mantra is Rudyard Kipling’s poem “If”


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