Stories in (super) Short #26: Miss Hawthorn’s cakes


There’ll always be cakes in Miss Hawthorn’s shop window. Creamy round cakes topped with cherries and pink glazing that turns sweaty in the sun. Although the grime and the dust of the busy street, pounded by the crowd’s busy feet, dirties and stains the glass of Miss Hawthorn’s shop window, the cakes always look so delectable, so colourful, even on the greyest of days, even on the saddest mornings. Chuck leans against the glass and winks at Miss Hawthorn. Miss Hawthorn leans over the counter and winks back at Chuck through the glass.

That’s the way the morning goes.

Miss Hawthorn is an emblem of the past. Chuck bought his son a cake here when he was six years old. The cake was a macaroon, if you can consider a macaroon a cake. A chocolate macaroon with a thin sheet of edible coconut-flavoured sugar paper along the base that his son promptly tucked into his pink mouth.

Now, his son lives in Killdeer, North Dakota, thousands of miles away. A land, his son says, of adventure, a real American adventure! Well. There’s adventure to be had here, right here, on this old street.


Can’t post much more, going to submit the whole piece to a competition, and, failing that, to some sort of magazine, journal or whatever might take it.

Here’s the opening lines, anyway.

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7 thoughts on “Stories in (super) Short #26: Miss Hawthorn’s cakes

    • Thanks Joan, as always! I’ve been experimenting playing with paragraphs and line length. I sort of want each line, each paragraph and each page to be a complete package.


    • Thank you! The rest of it might be uploaded soon if it doesn’t get anywhere, if it does I’ll link it on here and you can give the rest a read 🙂 Thanks as always.


  1. Best of luck with the submissions, Harry!

    As somebody else said, this does feel somewhat complete already (if open ended,) and though I want to see more I don’t feel like I need to. (Though, again, I do want to.)

    As usual, I loved the little splashes of colour and the details you used here. Simple things, like ‘his pink mouth’ and ‘turns sweaty in the sun’ really help to bring everything to life.

    Liked by 1 person

    • This piece is actually one I submitted to a small journal, but to be honest, I think I prefer this little snippet rather than the fully blown piece. We’ll have to see how it does!

      Thanks for your comment 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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