I was relieved to see her on my walk

along the river front

with the black heron and

squatting geese


Although relief is not what I thought I’d feel


A sweet smell rose from the river

it was not unpleasant, at least

though some people might say so


Flowers drooped from balconies

of  multi-million houses

Londoners gathered in the shade of trees


White petals floated



rested in her hair


She stopped and smiled at me

Neither of us knew what to say

who to be  

I was relieved because her face was tired

and eager


I was relieved that she was alone

thinking deeply about things

staying awake too long

like she always had done


I was relieved because her shoes were stained

a shirt crinkled

eyes still the deepest brown

plump lips

her figure lean


I was relieved because she was the same

as she always had been.

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