The coming of Trump



Dignitaries will arrive in Washington and Trump will ask, Are you staying in town? At my hotel? I know an excellent steakhouse nearby. It’s the greatest. It’s beautiful.

Trump, throughout his life and career, has tried to embody and encompass all things American. Trump University, an ode to Rockefeller, to Duke, the steaks, an epithet for the old-school, all American cattle barons. Trumps wealth doesn’t compare to these tycoons of history, and his career has been mired by failure. Trump University landed him in court and Trump steaks were quickly discontinued, probably because buying a piece of meat with Trump’s melting face on the packaging is not exactly appetizing.

Never before has a man’s wealth been so absolutely assured at birth, for that man then to lead four separate business ventures to bankruptcy. You can blame the failing casino industry, if you want, but we’re talking about a man who is very eager to reinvigorate the oil industry. He has little sense, it seems. Daddy Trump would be turning in his grave, if he wasn’t floating in stasis inside a cryogenic pod, deep in a subterranean base somewhere in the wastes of ancient Persia. I suppose he’d be pretty chuffed about his son becoming the 45th President of the United States. There is that, I guess.


What’s done is done. What’s said is said. I can’t say anything new. I’ll keep it short.

Trump represents a proportion of American values. Not all of them. Not even the majority, but enough. He won. He’s coming. Hell, he’s already here. Step outside your echo chamber. Take a deep breath. He’s not the man we need, but the man that we got. It is what it is. Step back for a moment, take in the whole picture, Bob Ross style. Relax.

At first I was amused, then I was appalled, and now I’ve relegated my emotions to pure curiosity. If 2017 is not a year of seismic change in the U.S, Europe, China and the Middle East, then I will be disappointed. Trump, you’ve promised so much to so many. If you’re at least half as shit as a lot of people expect you to be, then you’ve done enough for me. The people have elected you for a change, Trump. Do your best, would you?

Let the protesters dance in the street, let the media attack him and his family, let the world watch in open-mouthed horror. On this day, the coming of Trump, inbound inside a cavalcade, flanked by B-list performers and his ugly family, I think it fitting to say only one thing.

Good luck.

Good luck to the immigrants, good luck to the little boys and girls that think it’s okay to condone sexual assault, good luck to African Americans and here’s hoping that everything Obama did for a nation long torn by racial divides cannot be smashed by a fake-tanned hand, good luck to those on the Affordable Care Act, good luck to those who get ill and cannot afford it, good luck to those fighting in the cold and rain against the desecration of lands owned long before white man ever stood foot upon then, good luck to those who want to see their children grow old in a world where there’s enough food, enough water, enough clean air, good luck to the ordinary man, to the gun wielder, to the mum working two jobs, good luck to the drone operatives, good luck to the truck drivers, the warehouse workers, the drillers, the fixers, the numbers-people, and good luck to you, you and your own.


23 thoughts on “The coming of Trump

  1. About time someone says it the way it needs to be said. We may not want him but he’s what we got and now we just get to watch. I agree that 2017 will be filled with curious unknowns and seismic changes. And what else can you say besides, “Good luck?” He’s pissed off so many people and the protest have not kept him out of office. As a wildlife rehabber and advocate for the earth, I fear what may come. As one article said you can now drill your oil while you visit a national park…

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    • Climate is the most pressing issue. Removing all traces of climate change from the White House website is not good for climate change advocacy. God forbid we have 8 years of him, what does that say to the next generation of kids?

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  2. ‘Dignitaries will arrive in Washington and Trump will ask, Are you staying in town? At my hotel? I know an excellent steakhouse nearby.’ Law! Indeed! Trump! The first full service president! Place to stay. Food. Chinese manufactured clothing and jewelry. Central Park brand corkscrews (trust me, a Trump brand). Wine from the Trump vineyard in Virginia (where they employ off-shore workers). And, had he not run his airline into bankruptcy, ‘Fly Trump!’ Also coming soon to a monopoly near you – petrol from Trumpexxon (an American nationalised corporation). Trump, Trump, Trump, the boys are marching! No conflict here, Mr commander-in-chief! There was a time, children, when there was a difference between a US Marine and a bellboy at a Trump Hotel. It is like Bertolt Brecht’s ‘Alabama Song’ made manifest: ‘Show me the way to the next whisky bar Oh don’t ask why oh don’t ask why!’ A German expressionist take on America!

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    • Best comment I’ve received yet. I’d steal it if it wasn’t so obvious to do so. Being told to shush his tweets advertising a company? What does it matter? He’s President.


      • Oh! My dear fellow! Steal it by all means with my best wishes! I’m certainly audacious enough to reprint it at MY blog! See if I don’t, with a link to this blog. We scoundrels must hang together or hang separately.

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      • That’s what this whole gig is about, right? Connecting and all that. Well good job, I’ll steal it and post it with a link to your blog! That’s called — networking, or something?

        Not now though. That’s too many buttons to press for right now. I’m going to lie down instead.

        Today! In a few hours. When I wake up.

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